The Best Gifts for your Favorite Warcraft Addict - Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What should you get your favorite resident of Azeroth that already has every Gnomish trinket? A pre-order of the upcoming expansion is a thoughtful gesture, but the pre-order slip won't fill up even the smallest of stockings. Here's our list of the hottest gifts straight from Great-Father Winter:
  1. Leeroy Jenkins t-shirtEpic Shirts - The Warcraft t-shirts over at Jinx and ThinkGeek are sure to impress. The Leeroy Jenkins shirt and Paladin team shirt are two of my favorites. Who doesn't love a shirt that incorporates both chicken and wiping your raid?
  2. High-end Gaming Mouse - One of the biggest secrets of professional gamers is the mice that they use. Most of us mortals are stuck with the lousy mouse that came with our computers. However once you try a high-end mouse designed specifically for gaming, you'll never want to go back. Your PvP rank will skyrocket and you'll finally be able to catch that pesky circle-strafing rogue. The Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse is a great choice.
  3. Warcraft Novels - Whoever said reading can't be fun? Richard Knaak has written several books based in the Warcraft universe. In addition to being a great read, they give some interesting background and history on the world of Azeroth and beyond. His War of the Ancients trilogy is a sure bet.
  4. Warcraft Card Game - Released just over a month ago, the Warcraft Tradable Card Game has been hugely popular. The game is similar in style of Magic: The Gathering, but is based around Warcraft. Luckily the publisher has produced another set of cards that will be available just in time for the holidays. A couple starter decks and a box of booster packs will be more than enough for two players to have some fun away from the keyboard. Oh yeah, and did we mention that some booster packs even contain a code that will give you an in-game turtle mount?
  5. Zboard - The Ideazon Zboard is a keyboard designed specifically for gaming. A friend of mine who regularly raids Naxx recently bought one and now he swears by it. If you get one, don't forget to also pick up the Warcraft keyset for the Zboard.
  6. Poster of Azeroth - Although not as detailed as MapWoW, this 36" by 48" poster is a nice-looking map of Azeroth. One side of the poster has flight paths and other information, while the other side is an artisticly drawn map of the Warcraft world.
  7. 2007 Warcraft Calendar - This Warcraft Wall Calendar is perfect for scheduling your raids. Unfortunately it probably won't arrive until 2007, but really, who needs a 2007 calendar in 2006?
  8. New Gaming Machine - If you're feeling generous this year, a brand-new computer is always an awesome gift. I've been drooling over the Alienware Area-51® m5550 laptop. It has a 256MB Nvidia 3d graphics card crammed in to a laptop! Talk about the perfect machine for raiding while you're on the go... or in a meeting. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the herbs, minerals, etc. be turned back on eventually? That feature was the main reason I used
Also I would like to see labels for all of the sub-areas in each zone. Is there a plan for adding that?
Just wondering,
- Rusko from Tanaris Realm

10:04 AM  
Blogger Drew said...

Hi Rusko,

We've gone ahead and re-enabled all of the features, including the herb and mineral viewing. We'll look in to adding labels for all of the sub-ares for each zone.


6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice ^^
and maybe you can catch a real size night elf babe at ebay if this guy decide to sell it :D;mid=1165767369325768380;num=11;page=1

10:18 AM  

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