Awesome Spell-Stealing Video - Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spellsteal is a level 70 mage spell that steals a buff from an enemy and gives it to the mage. In this video, a mage steals an AOE fire damage buff from the Whitewhisker Diggers found in Alterac Valley. On the surface, the buff does a measly AOE fire of 48 damage every 3 seconds. However, the buff gets +damage benefit from the mages gear, bringing it up to a nice 770 damage every three seconds. To make it even better, the buff stacks up to six times! This means that it could put out a whopping 4,620 damage every three seconds! Talk about PVP pwnage.

From what I hear, this has been nerfed, but watching it on video is hilarious:

Found via wowinsider.


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