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A long-time advertiser on our site,, provides a quick list of approximate gold prices, such as the list below:
Unfortunately, the prices they list are approximate and are not server-specific. The four sites they are comparing prices all appear to be front-ends for the same back-end gold selling service. This service appears that it may be run by IGE, as the sites all offer gold in the same quantities as IGE, such as 6,600 gold.

I did a quick comparison of the gold-selling sites they list to other gold-selling sites for an example server. A quick search turns up other sites that sell gold for less than the sites that they list. However, if you're getting tired of doing daily quests for 10g a pop and want the instant gratification of having your epic flying mount, check out their site to get an idea of current gold prices.

A section of their site also has a list of free guides. While these guides used to have some great information, such as the Dire Maul treasure chest trick, they are now out-dated and several of the techniques described will no longer work. They've also recently started a Warcraft news blog.


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