Quickly evaluate PUG members - Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My recent project,, provides a quick way to evaluate the gear and experience for people you're considering inviting to your group. With the Track Warcraft add-on you can instantly look up information about every character in the LFG channel and pick the best characters.

The add-on is a pure Warcraft Lua add-on with no executables, so it's 100% safe. A how-to instruction guide for the add-on with screenshots and examples is on the trackwarcraft blog here.

TrackWarcraft also provides a feed of a character's achievements, new levels, and gear upgrades. You can add this feed to your favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader, and be notified whenever a character completes an achievement or upgrades their gear.

You should download the add-on here and give it a try!


Blogger Janio said...

Assume map of Azeroth, but sadely it is still misses Isle of Quel'Danas (content patch Burning Crusade).

This island is located north of Eastern Kingdom.

You can get there by going through the portal Shattrath City or by flightpoint travel
(need to belevel 70+).

Thanks for the very nice and handy website :)

Janio Polystar

3:56 PM  

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